#3. Daniel Logue Jr. – My artistic inspiration


Daniel Logue painting a portrait of his father.

This week, I continue with the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge by writing about an uncle I had never met. Today, January 26, would have been his birthday.

I’ve been interested in art since I was a child. I spent hours drawing and painting. I was lucky enough to have parents who supported my whim, and bought me art supplies, art books, and even Saturday morning art lessons. So, I had always been fascinated about hearing my dad talk about his brother, Daniel, who had been a commercial artist.

My uncle Dan was born on January 26, 1927 in Philadelphia, PA and was the eldest child of my grandparents, Daniel and Emma Logue. They too, encouraged the young Daniel to develop his artistic talent.

Daniel was obviously very talented. He was challenged a bit, because he was color blind. I was told that sometimes his flesh tones might have been a little too green. But, that did not stop him from pursuing what he obviously loved to do. He successfully learned how to work through his affliction and produced many beautiful paintings.

Pastel painting by Daniel Logue Jr

Pastel painting by Daniel Logue Jr

Daniel eventually got a job as an illustrator at an advertising agency in Philadelphia. He married his wife, Evelyn, who was also an artist and had a son.

But sadly, Daniel died at the very young age of 31 of complications while having a routine surgery done. He was supposed to have been the best man at my parents’ wedding that year in 1959.

Since he passed away before I was born, I was never lucky enough to have met my Uncle Daniel. I really wish I could have. However, hearing about him inspired me to also pursue a career in art. I am now an art director and have worked at various ad agencies throughout my career. I suppose I have my uncle to thank for that.




  1. Patti,
    I didn’t realize you had a blog. These articles are all very fascinating. Thank you for posting this wonderful article about my father. It brought tears to my eyes, but good tears. I know he has watched over all of us – you, your brother and mother and father, and me and my mom for all these many years. I often feel his presence. Especially when I try to draw a straight line. But seriously, this is great. I’m glad I found this.

    1. I haven’t done much on my blog for awhile! I used to do one once a week as part of the #52Ancestors challenge. I’ll have to go back to it, maybe in the fall. It kind of helps me to write the stories, and gives me ideas of what to look for if there seems like there’s a gap, or something needs more clarification. So glad you enjoyed it!

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