8. Jean Remy Jambois – Man of Many Names

This week’s ancestor for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Days challenge is my husband’s 4th great grandfather, Jean Remy Jambois.

It has been a challenge researching this particular ancestor, because of the many various spellings of his name. I have seen it as “Jean Remy,” “Jean Reme,” “Jean Remequois,” and just plain “Remy.” His offspring would prove to be confusing as well. For example, one of his daughters, (my husband’s 3rd great grandmother) could be found as “Mary Florentia,” “Florentine,” “Flora,” or “Mary”. However, some of her sisters also had “Mary” or “Marie” before their names: Marie Rose, Marie Victorine, Mary Euphemie.

However, I did manage to find out much about this family. Remy was born 1814 in the region of Lorraine, France. He married Margaret Diehdonne about 1836 in France.  In 1847, Remy and Margaret packed up their children and boarded the ship “Michigan” in the port of La Havre, France and sailed to America. They arrived at the port of New Orleans on May 21, 1847.

The Jambois family resided in New Orleans for several years. Remy found work building for the levee. Two children were born in New Orleans: Marie Victorine in 1848 and a son, Amedia, in 1853.

The Jambois family moved north to Galena, Illinois for a a few years. In 1870, Remy acquired 80 acres from the Land Patent office near LaCrosse, Wisconsin. The family moved and settled in what is now present day Genoa, in Vernon County, Wisconsin. According to “Memoirs of Vernon County” by Earl M. Rogers, Remy helped to build the first Catholic church in the county.

Margaret died in 1871 followed by Remy on September 27, 1884. To date, I still have not found their resting place. However, most of their children are buried at St. Charles Catholic church cemetery in Genoa.


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