A little behind

I am a little behind on my 52 Ancestors posts. I’ve had to set aside my “ancestor time” to take care of my little descendant. Two weeks ago, about 5 days before her 21st birthday, my daughter had a mild stroke. This came as a complete surprise to us all. In fact, when she called me to say she “didn’t feel well”, I thought perhaps she just slept on her left side too long, or perhaps she got bit by a spider. I was not expecting her next text from the E.R. to be “The doctor said I had a small stroke.” Thankfully, she lives with a very level-headed and quick-thinking roommate who took her to the E.R. 

She is fine now, and fortunately, there was no damage done. However, an EKG did reveal that she has a small hole in her heart. So, she will have to see a cardiologist and talk about the possibility of getting that repaired. Apparently, about 25% of people have this small hole there since birth. It is something that is supposed to close up as you grow. But for some people, it never does. Some people can go through their entire lives not knowing it’s there. But in other cases, such as my daughter’s, a clot could go through there and cause a stroke. Perhaps it’s a blessing that this happened to her while she is still young and strong. Her body was just giving her a warning.

Things seem to be back to normal for the time being. So tomorrow, I will go back to posting about my (and hers) ancestors.



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