16. Emma Sarah Cone, and how she got me started in genealogy

First an update on my daughter. She is fine and says she feels 100%. She’s been busy living the life of a normal 21 year old: hanging out with friends, going to concerts, registering for her fall classes, getting parking tickets and working 2 jobs. She has a follow-up with her doctor this week, but still needs to make an appointment with a cardiologist to discuss her hole in her heart. Not sure where that will lead yet. But for the time being, all is well with her. Well, except for the parking tickets, but that’s a whole other story.

I have just finished reading and watching the video posted on Ancestry’s blog called “Between The Leaves.” It was a great discussion between Ancestry’s professional genealogists on how they got started in genealogy. This prompted me to write about how I got started in this 52 Ancestors blog post.

ImageI would say that it was my grandmother, Emma Sarah (Cone) Logue, that got me started. Some of my favorite memories were of going to visit my grandparents at their home in Newtown Square, PA, and sitting and talking with my grandmother. On one of those visits, she showed me a copy of a typewritten family history that one of her cousins had written entitled, “The History of the O’Mara Family.”

I was probably still in grade school when she showed me that document, so most of the detail was totally lost on me. This cousin had written about both the paternal and maternal side of her family, and the O’Mara was her paternal side. My grandmother was on the maternal side. So, for years, I had thought that the O’Maras were directly related to us. I had even used one of the O’Mara as the central character in an assignment for my high school composition class. After my grandparents had both passed away, this document ended up in my parents’ possession. My Mom made some copies of it and sent one to me. After re-reading it after so many years, I discovered my mistake. But I also read the part about my grandmother’s side of the family and became intrigued with the story of how her mother, Margaret Carney Cone, was separated from her sister for almost 40 years. This made me want to learn more, and thus began my fascination with genealogy.

This was back in the day of being on the Internet meant having to subscribe to Prodigy and/or CompuServe. I started poking around in some genealogy forums on those and learned about the Family History Library and Family History Centers. I took the plunge and went to a local Family HIstory Center and ordered my first microfilm: the one that would have my grandparents’ marriage application. I remember the thrill I felt when I first saw it on that microfilm reader.



My grandmother married my grandfather, Daniel A Logue in Philadelphia, PA on June 23, 1926. I had known my grandparents had met at Bell Telephone, where my grandfather was a lineman and my grandmother was an operator on the switchboard. But finding this document gave me just a little more insight on their families. It listed their parents, the addresses, and the fact that both of their fathers had passed away by this time. All information that both answered questions, gave clues and generated more questions.

One of those questions was directed to my dad and his sister: did they have any photos of my grandparents wedding? I was surprised that my dad, an amateur photographer, did not have any photos or knew of any photos that existed. But that will be the subject of my next post.




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