18. Ralph Dutton – His account of World War II


Letter from Ralph Dutton to his parents. The Houston Herald, September 16, 1943. Houston, MO.

I knew that I wanted today’s 52 Ancestors post to be about someone who served in the military in honor of Memorial Day. My husband’s family has so many members who have served, so I thought it would be a tough choice. However, while going through some newspaper clippings that I had saved in my files, this one stood out from the rest. 

My husband’s grand uncle, Ralph Dutton, was born in Angelo, Wisconsin, on July 23, 1923 to Walter and Pearl (nee Davis) Dutton. His father, Walter, had served in the Army during World War I. So, it was no surprise that 4 of his sons followed in his footsteps when World War II erupted. Eldon enlisted in the Navy, LaVern joined the Marines and Ralph and his brother, Kenneth, enlisted in the Army. Eldon was present at the bombing of Pearl Harbor, while his brother, Kenneth, died of wounds he received in France in 1944.

I think Ralph’s words will speak for themselves. It really shows the hardships that these young men endure while serving our country. Today, we honor him, and all of our other ancestors and current day family members who have served.


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