20. Solomon Weaver

This week for my 52 Ancestors Challenge, I will focus on my 3rd great grandfather, Solomon Weaver.

Solomon Weaver was born in in Lynn Township, Lehigh County, PA sometime around 1828. He was one of 5 children born to Jacob Weaver (or Weber) and his wife Susannah.

Around 1850, Solomon headed to nearby Carbon County and settled in Franklin Township. He worked as a carpenter in the boat yards in North Weissport along the Lehigh Canal. Around 1851, he married Elvina Shive, daughter of Samuel and Julianna Shive. Solomon and Elvina had 6 children: Emma, Oscar, Mary, Ida, Benjamin and Theodore.

Solomon must have felt that education was important. In 1873, he served as a school director for Franklin Township. His daughter, Ida, later became a teacher when she reached adulthood.

In 1881, Solomon and Elvina suffered tragedy in their household when their 2 youngest sons, Benjamin and Theodore, passed away just days apart.

Solomon passed away on July 4, 1894. He is buried in the Franklin Heights Cemetery in Weissport, PA.


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