WEEK 10 – 2015: Clay Squire, struck by lightning

“Stormy Weather” is this week’s theme for the 52 Ancestors challenge, which seems fitting now that warmer weather has finally made a comeback in Wisconsin. It brings to mind of those quick, and often violent, thunderstorms that roll across the midwest during the Spring and Summer months. So this week’s post is a short and sad story of how stormy weather impacted the life of one of my husband’s ancestors.

Elizabeth Mariah Dutton, is the 2nd great grand aunt of my husband. She was born in 1855 in Missouri to William and Elizabeth (Lenox) Dutton. On September 13, 1874 she married a young man by the name of Clay Squire in Texas County, Missouri. Clay and Elizabeth settled to a life off farming on some land near his parents, Henry and Emmaline Squire 6 miles south of Summerville, Missouri. They had 2 sons born on their farm: William in 1876 and Albert in 1878.

One morning in May of 1881, Clay got up and went out into his fields to get the corn planted for the year. The day must have started out beautiful and sunny. However, unknowing to Clay, there was one of those springtime thunderstorms brewing. It must have rolled in quickly, while Clay was out planting his corn, taking him by surprise. He probably was trying to get back to shelter, when a bolt of lightning struck him, killing him instantly.

He is buried in the Oakside Cemetery in Summerville, Missouri, alongside his father Henry.

Elizabeth was left as a young widow with 2 small children at the age of 26. Two years after Clay’s death, she married David Fry in Howell County, Missouri. She and David were married for many years, and had 6 sons together. Elizabeth died on July 10, 1926 in Thayer, Missouri. She is buried in the Thayer Cemetery alongside her second husband, David.

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