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Bio: Genealogy enthusiast. I've been working on my family history for almost 30 years. I do not consider myself proficient at writing, so I apologize for any glaring, grammatical errors. However, I do enjoy the experience of sharing weekly stories about my ancestors for not only family and potential cousins, but for myself.

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  1. Hi, Patricia,

    I saw your post on Ancestry about your search for the obituary of Dr. Henry Strenge of Boulder, CO. Is he a relative of yours? I have been looking for old medical records of a Dr. Strenge in Boulder who was a pediatrician. Please let me know if we are looking for the same doctor.


    1. Hi Dee, Dr. Strenge from Boulder was married to my grand aunt, Kathryn Hettig. I’ve been trying to find out where she was buried. I thought Dr. Strenge’s obituary may give me clues.

  2. Hi Patti, I thought your mom’s horse was “Krimpet” named after the “Tastykake” “Butterscoth Krimpet” One of my favorites. Uncle Jerry

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