6. Christian Peter Meltesen

I have been sitting here watching the Olympics while looking for inspiration for this week’s 52 Ancestors blog. Although there are no Olympians in our family trees, I’d like to think that perhaps some of my husband’s Wisconsin ancestors may have at least tried curling back in the day. Perhaps his great-great grandfather, Christian Peter Meltesen may have slid some stones during the cold Wisconsin winters during his lifetime.

Chris was born August 12, 1864 to Niels Thomson Meltesen and Caroline Christensen in Højer, Denmark which was located in the Duchy of Schleswig which is located in the southern coast of Denmark. There was much political unrest in this area, and many of the residents left to avoid military service. Chris was one of these and he boarded the ship Thingvalla at Copenhagen and arrived in the port of New York, United States on April 30, 1886.

Chris made his way to what is present day Kenosha, Wisconsin and took up farming. On August 12, 1887, he married Annie Dorothea Christensen in Kenosha.

Around 1897, Chris was a landowner near Shennington, Monroe County, Wisconsin. His brother, Laurits “Louis” Meltesen had a plot of land nearby. Louis later owned and operated a general store in Shennington.

Chris and Annie had at least 13 children who helped run the family farm. On October 4, 1921, Chris and his family spent an evening with their family, playing the phonograph and singing songs. Chris seemed fine. However, the next morning, his wife, Annie woke up and thought he was still asleep. After some time, she thought he was sleeping unusually long and discovered that he had passed away peacefully sometime during the night. He was buried in the St. Peter’s Danish Church cemetery in Byron, Wisconsin.